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Tiffany Ferrara

Tiffany Ferrara

2020 has dropped people around the world into chaos. Struggling to find meaning in tumultuous times. We have found that many people find the trail in times of stress and uncertainty. The woods have a habit of bringing us all comfort. 

Tiffany is someone who found her passion for hiking recently and believes wholeheartedly in sharing her passion with others, encouraging them to find their own way on the trail. We hope that you enjoy how she found her peace while discovering new places. 


I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors. Like many people, I tend to feel more at peace when I’m out in nature. However, as a real estate agent I seem to spend more time inside other people’s homes than outside. Luckily, I also get to spend a lot of time out in the communities that I work in getting to know local businesses and staying on top of local events. I pride myself on being a local area expert and I would frequently share local happenings on my social media pages. This was always well received and helped me connect with the communities that I serve. Then, 2020 hit like a wrecking ball. Non-essential businesses were shuttered and all local events were canceled for the foreseeable future and, like most people, I started feeling the effects of cabin fever.

As a result, I started hiking on a more regular basis. In fact, my husband Mike and I were going almost every weekend (weather permitting). One day, I casually shared a photo of us on Boxer’s Trail in Philly. Afterwards, I received several messages from locals who told me they decided to try the trail out after seeing my post. As Mike and I worked our way through the trails in NJ and PA, I would share photos of the hikes. I would also give details on the trails or parks and some tips to help everyone get the most out of their visit. The community really responded to this. I frequently get messages from people who wanted to suggest trails for me to hike, parks for me to visit, or offer their own tips (which I really appreciate). I also commonly get asked my opinion on which trails or parks would be best suited for certain skill levels. My favorite messages though, are the ones telling me that someone found their new favorite trail because of one of my recommendations.


Honestly, I feel very lucky that I live in a great area for exploring. South Jersey, Central Jersey (yes, it’s a real place), North Jersey, Philly, and The Delaware Valley have amazing trails and parks that all offer something a little different. There are waterfalls, breathtaking valleys, scenic overlooks, beautiful lakes, charming lighthouses, peaceful woodland landscapes, The Pine Barrens, and some hikes that even offer city views. My goals for the future are to travel, explore, and share even more about different trails and parks. However, until it’s safe to do so, I’m more than happy showcasing all that my region has to offer. I think it’s wonderful that so many people in my community are now aware of just how much beauty there is around them.


Eager for more of Tiffany's adventures? She will be providing us with updates as she spreads her love of the outdoors. You can also follow her on IG @tiffanyferraraInterested in becoming an ambassador for Hike the World? Click here for more information.  

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