Tales from the Trail Part 1

At Hike the World, we believe in sharing stories and shining a light on the faces behind the trail. What makes people fall in love with hiking? Why does nature call to us in such a primal, powerful way? A few proud Hike the World members were eager to share some of their answers. 


“Hiking is the best therapy!  Being outside experiencing the beauty and wonder of nature fills me with peace....having family and friends along is an added bonus!” - Sheila





“Hiking saved my life. I hike to recharge my happiness batteries. On my weakest days I know I have the mountains I can run to.” ~Joanna






“I hike because it's good for my mind, body and soul.” - Keith




Become a Hike the World member today and get the chance to share YOUR story. You'll be joining a supportive community of hikers who are passionate about hiking and trails. You’ll also get a few perks from us! You'll get a pretty sweet membership card (seriously, guys, it's legit), a welcome letter and two FREE stickers in the mail. You'll also be invited to special member-only sales for Hike the World gear throughout the year AND if we have any hikes with limited spots, you'll get the first chance to sign up before we open it up to the public. 

Interested in our community hikes? Check them out on our event page or follow us on Facebook for updates on what we are planning! 


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