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NYNJTC's Centennial Gala

NYNJTC's Centennial Gala

Hike the World is proud to be a sponsor of the New York New Jersey Trail Conference's Centennial Gala on Saturday, October 16, at the Bear Mountain Inn. We can't wait to celebrate their legacy of service. They have spent the last 100 years empowering people to connect with nature and protect the land they love.  We have a wonderful partnership with the NYNJTC because we believe wholeheartedly in giving back to the hiking trails we love so much. Their tireless effort to improve and protect our forests has always impressed us and the HtW crew has always done their best to support them. 

We all know that the last year and a half was exceedingly difficult. The trails were crowded and there weren't enough volunteers to keep up with the people needing to get outside. That's why this year is special. That's why honoring the NYNJTC is so important. We are urging everyone to band together and show our appreciation for all of the hard work the NYNJTC has put into maintaining our parks and trails by supporting their Gala- either by purchasing a virtual event ticket or making a donation today!  


About the NYNJTC

One hundred years ago, the Trail Conference was founded by outdoor-lovers who believed the weariness of fast-paced, modern life could be cured by a walk in the woods. Today, the demand for outdoor recreation is at an all-time high as people turn to nature to relax and recharge after an extremely challenging year.

Since 1920, the Trail Conference has been literal and figurative trailblazers in the conservation movement. Every time our volunteers step on a trail, they are embodying the values of an organization that strives to provide safe, enjoyable opportunities outdoors and inspire a deeper appreciation for the care that natural areas require. 

We hope that you will join the Hike the World team in celebrating 100 years with the New York New Jersey Trail Conference on October 16! They will be honoring Dr. Lucy Rockefeller Waletzky—philanthropist, environmentalist, and longtime Trail Conference champion. Their program will include live entertainment, cocktail hour, three-course meal, open bar and cider tastings. There are still virtual tickets available and you can purchase them here

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