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Our Mission

It's that silent nod from fellow hikers on the trail. The sense of kinship passing between you - the feeling that, for once, you are truly where you belong, here in the wilderness surrounded by those who simply...understand. 

That's what we're building here.

Our goal is to cultivate an appreciation of nature so profound that it bleeds into every future generation. Lofty, we know.

In the meantime, we want our apparel to be that nod. We want anyone who wears our logo to make a commitment to share their love of nature, hiking, Leave No Trace principles and outdoor volunteer organizations with anyone willing to listen. If you see someone wearing this logo, you'll know that they're your people - that you can go right up to any one of us and ask us our favorite trails and share your favorite stories. We're a community of novices and experts and everything in between.

So send us your stories, your videos, your favorite trails. We want to hear them. We want to share them. We want to be your hiking community.  

Together, we'll hike the world. 

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